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World Peace Forum

Our Peace Blog

You may also be interested in the following Web Sites

International Baha'i Site

Canadian Baha'i Site

Canadian Encyclopedia

USA Baha'i Site

Bahá’í Reference Library

London Baha'i Web Site

239 Days in America

The Daily Centenarian

London Baha'i Events Calender

Links to MP3 audio files of interest

tom price

Tom Price Recorded Talks

MP3 Talks and Music from all over

Includes many talks by UHJ Members

Videos of interest

Do you know of a site that would be of interest to world peace. Send me the URL and, if I agree I will put a link here.

Links to Books of interest

Baha'i Books on Amazon

Baha'i Education

Baha'i Education Site

Including Ocean Software

Baha'i Reference Library

Excelent resource for books on Line
Canada Baha'i distribution

Canadian Baha'i Distribution Service

Get hard copies of books here


Study Material

Ruhi Institute

The Ruhi Institute

Slide show of core activities




Mana Music

Future Home of another music link
Future Home of another music link
Do you want to suggest a site. send me the URL

Other organizations Promoting Peace


the United Religions Initiative

Bobb Watts

The search for unity and cultural reconciliation

Baha'i Blog

Baha'i Blog

Do you want to suggest a site. send me the URL

Sowing Peace

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